Not a manifesto?

To celebrate the 10-years anniversary of Skyrim, not a manifesto, but still - the goals for the next decade of modding Skyrim.

Imagine a website where you don't really need to download a mod to play it. If on reading this you thought about a Stadia instance with a custom modded Skyrim to play in a browser, yeah, well, that's also a fun idea, but I'm thinking of something more retro. An interactive www fanfiction that essentially play out the same as the mod available to download and play. Sure, there are entire fields of modding (graphics, gameplay mods, tweaks, ...) that are not particularly suited for that without Stadia. The kind of mods that I dabble in, fanfiction quest rewrites and/or elements of strategy either suit it well or just benefit from players being able to get the grip of things before wading into a full playthrough with the mod.

So that is about PalimpTES