News for 2022-11-11

T E R T I U M +++ D A T U R
Questus Mainus

A teaser video is in works, to be put out on Youtube soon, for the 11/11 weekend
This Skyrim modding project is meant to be a consolidation of my previous mods and mod ideas.
The ETA date is next year, 2023-11-11

Picture below - some inspirations:

How the name came about on a hot summer day

Palimpsest is a manuscript page, either from a scroll or a book, from which the text has been scraped or washed off so that the page can be reused for another document.

PalimpTES, on the other hand, is my personal modding projects page; presently made with Google Sites.

I don't often check this vanity email address

Open Civil War - note on 11/11 (2011)

This semi-popular mod has its own page here (the link in the top-right corner), and also subpage for the longer doc.

Miscellaneous Skyrim Mods

Hosted on GDrive

  • Harder Better Pillar Puzzles - with this mod, in most of the pillar puzzles every activation will rotate a certain set of pillars, rather than a single pillar; makes puzzles slightly more difficult. The plugin is in form 43 version (Skyrim Classic), should work on Skyrim SE all the same.

  • Faces of Time - adds a speedbump in Skyrim Main Quest: after Alduin's Bane scene the quest is stalled until you gather a number of Dragon Priest Masks. The number is configurable between 0 and 6, dragon priest masks added by DLCs do not count towards this. Recommended to use with another mod that guides the player to locations of those masks