3D Dragon Crisis

Skyrim Main Quest for non-Dragonborn

Assuming the player is not the Last Dragonborn (via another mod):

Assuming the player is the Last Dragonborn

Both variants serve to delve into the canonical and fan interpretations of Hero/Prisoner lore within the Elder Scrolls.

Skyrim Main Quest add-on

Like the 3D civil war storyline, this is an outline for what occurs if the new narrative is activated after the main Skyrim quest is completed.

This is meant to delve into the dichotomy of Alduin and Akatosh and related lore.

In future versions, early branching into this narrative is being considered, particularly if the player is not the Dragonborn. Encountering the specter before dragons appear shows off its shapeshifting abilities for wild beasts. Certain characters, aware of both the specter and the Dragon Prophecy, foresaw the events and devised a plan to exploit them, but they underestimated the specter's potential.