(RPG Fanfiction Project)

(C)reated by Midjourney on 2022-08-23

"pixelart something something Skyrim"

Each event is preceded by Prophecy. But without the hero, there is no Event.

Essentially, a Skyrim fanfiction in a form of a dialogue between a (large language model) AI as the player and a human game master.

Ten years after Skyrim release, large language model AIs grew from the wisdom of the crowds arose to the task. But will they prevail? 

Notes on tested AI/chatbots ...

I've been trying out if any of the new wave of chatbots is able to act as a player character in Skyrim. My findings so far.

Expectations from the series ...

Let AI Play Skyrim

follows Ralof

Let AI Play Skyrim

follows Hadvar

(R.2) Let AI Play Skyrim

follows Ralof to Riverwood
came to Skyrim to find her sister who is a bard in Whiterun

(H.2) Let AI Play Skyrim

splits from Hadvar
grew up in Whiterun but left it a youngster
family trade - blacksmiths

(R.3) Let AI Play Skyrim

arrives with Ralof, meets Gerdur and Hod
dreams of a ballad

(H.3) Let AI Play Skyrim

encounters a hunter, reaches Riverwood at dusk
goes to the inn and befriends a local smith

(R.4) Let AI Play Skyrim

offers help with getting a stolen item back

(H.4) Let AI Play Skyrim

practice with the smith, mingles with villagers

(R.4b) Let AI Play Skyrim

ventures into a tomb ...

(H.4b) Let AI Play Skyrim

hunting, fishing and love triangles

(R.4c) Let AI Play Skyrim

... and brings the stolen item back

(R.5) Let AI Play Skyrim

Johanna makes up a lie to enter the city,
then it turns out to be a bitter truth.

(H.5) Let AI Play Skyrim

gets his sanity questioned on more than one occasion

(R.6a) Let AI Play Skyrim

With recent model update, the quality arguably improved

(H.6a) Let AI Play Skyrim

(bonus: "If ChatGPT was a jolly blacksmith" song)

(R.6b) Let AI Play Skyrim

still, it needs to be reminded of all but recent stuff

(H.6b) Let AI Play Skyrim

won't say I miss the goofs that earlier models were prone to

Bonus - Why a ship floats, and a stone sinks?

Why a ship floats, and a stone cannot?

GPT-3 collaboration

GPT-3 came up with "breath of Iluvatar" for an answer, though